About Nia

The Nia Technique

Nia is the first, and the most advanced, form of fusion fitness – the combining of Nine classic movement forms. It encompasses the Martial Arts, the Healing Arts, and Dance Arts. This combination creates a synergy that no isolated technique can match.  Nia is an expressive movement practice that uses The Body’s Way to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and well-being. We say that Nia is like the Tao, it cannot be defined by any one word or by a single phrase. Nia cannot be limited to a single way of thinking or perception because it is always evolving and changing, uniquely touching each and every person who experiences it. Nia is personal.

How is Nia Different From Traditional Fitness Programs?

Nia is revolutionary, replacing the idea of obligation with pleasure. Nia advocates doing things the easy way instead of the hard way. Nia is to exercise what holistic medicine is to health care. Nia is a cardiovascular fitness program that uses whole-body, expressive, grounded movement, rather than repetitive jogging or mechanical lifting. Nia is adaptable to every level of fitness, every age and type of body, even those with special limitations. Each Nia session builds movement patterns based on the 52 basic Nia moves. Movement patterns are then flavored with a variety of movement forms including several styles of dance, martial arts and healing arts. Nia is effective and fun!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Nia?

The cofounders and Nia teachers have spent many years developing a safe holistic fitness program that addresses more than the physical body. Practicing Nia is a way for you to learn about yourself. You will learn how to integrate your body, mind, emotions, and spirit into everything you do to become more expressive, dynamic, purposeful, creative, and somatically-embodied. Practicing Nia means you will learn to attract pleasure, become more multidimensional, and move safely and efficiently. When you dance Nia, you never stop learning, and you will be conditioning your whole self, body, mind, emotion, & spirit.